5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Documentary Style Photography

Jan 22, 2023

Wedding Season is here and with comes an abundance of opinions on what style of photography is best for weddings. So I wanted to throw my opinion out there and give you 5 Reasons Why Documentary Style Photography is my #1 choice for weddings.

Authenticity: Documentary style photography captures real, unscripted moments as they happen, providing a sense of authenticity and realism that other styles cannot match. Real life isn’t posed, Real life just happens.

Emotion: Documentary photography captures people and events in their natural state, which allows the photographer to capture the emotions and feelings of the subjects in an honest and powerful way. You’re able to feel every photo.

Storytelling: A good documentary photograph tells a story, whether it’s a single image or a series of images. It captures the essence of a moment and the context in which it occurs, making it a powerful tool for storytelling. It makes every memory that much stronger.

Timelessness: Documentary photography doesn’t rely on trendy poses or gimmicks, it captures genuine moments, that’s why it is timeless. Documentary photographs can be looked at and appreciated years after they were taken.

Ability to capture the unseen: Documentary photographers are experts in capturing the unseen, whether it’s a hidden emotion or an overlooked detail. They are able to see and capture things that others might miss, making for truly memorable and impactful images



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